About DETECTsystem

As experts in risk, we give our customers the confidence to achieve their goals. DETECTsystem A/S is a fast-growing international, privately owned digital innovator with headquarters in Denmark. DETECTsystem is led with empathy and driven by passion, built on talent, dedicated to combat digital fraud on file level.

Our people and our data assets are the heart and soul of our company. We know what really matters; development, relevant and useful data, flexibility, recognition, always with the customer in focus.

DETECTsystem has a global reach and provide cutting edge technologies to customers within the financial sector.

Our Purpose

The efforts insurers put into their endeavor of providing the smoothest, most satisfactory claims management services to their customers will ensure their reputation in the market.

The higher efficiency, the higher customer satisfaction and the more loyal customers you’ll get. Eliminate the manual tasks and automate the claims processes with FDS to reduce the risks of errors.

We will make sure your claims data can go across departments with ease for you to achieve higher levels of efficiency in your insurance claims processing business, that is our main purpose.


Sr. Forensic Analyst, CISSP, EnCE

Lars Torp